Infinity Wishes LP

by Pick Yer King

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Basically a glorified demo
Check it out fools
Produced/Mixed by Andy Smith


released May 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Pick Yer King Downingtown, Pennsylvania

We're fans of lots of different types of music, and love to play out and ruin your hot date

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Track Name: She Said
She said, she said
that's not so
She said all yer friends are dead
why don't you just stay home
Looking out my window
the bark is falling off of the trees
When i'm outside
I know the birds are laughing at me

Walking through the park
Clenched hands, clenched teeth
Do you know what she had the gall to say to me?
You're a pain in my ass, cuz your presence sodomizes me
Track Name: Crimson Opportunist
The crimson opportunist rears his head
Asking you to sign in blood, but he wouldn't be caught dead
The impenetrable parts of town; the places you meet your fate
That's where his system runs, watch him operate

I know there's not much sense here to be made
The twisted little anecdotes and poems that have decayed
He said he'll fight for you; the sun drenched gospel's truth
He's calling your number up as he brands delinquent youth

Heros hung by the tops of their throats
Keep using the palms of yer hands
Heros scream from the depths of their throats
Keep washing the blood off of yer hands

Caught living- born dead
You're just- born dead
Caught living- born dead
Lying naked- yer born dead
Track Name: I Got Fun
Reporting on the behavior I see
Drug free yer date rape
Know that medicine makes you weird
But this is getting to be a full time job

Turned around sold my gun
She got hers, and i got fun

When i'm driving in my car
I'm so tempted to break the yellow
Bet you'd get a kick outta that
but i'm not in the habit of doing you any favors

Track Name: Bathing in what?
None of yer ailments are simple of innate
No god gave them to you, but those in yer wake
Spending on credit and falling behind
The taxman, the doctor all fighting yer crime

(decipher the chorus)

Something about 'the abyss staring back at you'
I read it then forgot it now i'm shivering and blue
I talk in my sleep and I drive in my car
Passing transparent people who don't know where they are


I forget reasons there's holes in my head
If you knew the reasons you'd know i'm sick as you
If you knew
Track Name: Horrorshow
I watch the clouds run away
They don't wanna open their eyes
They crawl into a pit of dark
And i'm now watching the sun die

You can see
A horrorshow playing in the streets
Everyone can guess the impending doom
Millions of people can watch from their rooms

Unrest piles up like a stack of bricks
Piling up to the full
beaten down just to stay alive
Make me pay the toll


There's nothing left
nothing to save
World's on fire
The world's ablaze
Throw it away
Throw me away
Throw it away
Track Name: Slave Labor
figure it out gents
Track Name: Out of Step
Fall asleep in concrete
But sometimes i forget
and every time i wake up
I wake up in a sweat

Rain falls down like bullets
And when it's bright it burns my eyes
I can't find a reason
To go outside

I'm alone all by my selves
And we all compete
Everytime there's an awkward silence
Finally see that i'm beat

The trees i have around my house
Create a canopy
they obscure every light
Distorting what i see

I'm just a little weird
This i must confess
Have so many little problems
I don't care to possess

I'm out of step
with the rest of the world
But i
Can't say that I'm mad

Sometimes in the morning
I can talk to god
I tell him what's on my mind
But i get no response

Memory eludes me
Short term's all I got
and After my 30 seconds is up
I already forgot

Energy fades like blowing dust
I'm filling up on bread
But even when i'm feeling awake
I can't get outta bed

Opened every door in my house
To let in some fresh air
Now my lungs are damaged beyond repair

I'm going blind,
But not in a literal sense
Got a 20/20
ON my vision test

Track Name: Pious Man
This is where the faithful sinners dwell
A man could kill his wife, but be pardoned from hell
Everyone knows each others' names
To engrave and bless when they burst in flames
I, we, us all blessed still
We mourn our losses and share the bill

How do you kill a pious man?
Put a firearm in his hands
His savior erected in the sand
Guides his soul, guides his hand


Take my name I never really needed it anyway
Cut me down I never really lived anyway

I want your soul,
I want your blood
A room full of mirrors
Couldn't keep me out!
Track Name: Resignation Song
I broke
Yer perfect teeth
Never a substitute
Always replaced
LIke water that's displaced

At your funeral I won't cry
You've been prepping yer whole life just to die
We all decay just the same
Great equalizer at the end of the tunnel

I'm just a hole
A crevice to fuck
Here's my brain
My soul to suck
Take my heart
It's not a lot
But it's worth more than everything you bought

Good vs Evil
Draw me the line
Pit them one against the other
Project them
Through the sky
IN ecstasy
the opponent dies
Death for sport
As a lullaby

Track Name: Company You Keep
Animal so self-assured
On the ground where dew is forming
Looking for something to eat
But everything is rotted

I'm just some foreign affair
Like you hear about on tv
Acting out like a postal worker
Cuz they took advantage of me

Watch the company you keep
Don't shit where you eat
Name engraved next to a dash
Did you earn your epitaph?
I won't wait for you
I can't wait for you
Track Name: Infinity Wishes